new england spiritual triad

 A safe and nurturing space for mind, body & spirit


Welcome to the nest. 

Like the name suggests, this is a safe place to be heard, to be seen, and to grow.  My part in the process as a spiritual care provider is to listen and be present to you during our time together.  As a dream interpreter, I can bring that aspect into the process, if you so wish.  I find that quite often, dreams unlock and define where you are currently, and also shine a light regarding next steps - so if that sounds like something you want to explore in a session, I am happy to incorporate that into our time.  


We begin the session the way you want to begin - whether it be a candle lit to convey the third person in the room, which is the spirit, or in prayer, or simply in silence. 

You get to choose, as you are the one who this time is for.  



Have you walked a labyrinth?  Our spiritual journey is quite like stepping onto a path that as we walk, we may see where we are heading, what the goal may be, and yet in the process of moving towards that, we may find ourselves in quite another place, not sure how long it will take to reach our intended place.  That is where the beauty of spiritual direction shines.  There are ways to walk this path together and be able to touch upon sacred places to see the near and far without feeling we are off the mark, that this is just part of the process.