Friends of the nest

Elle D. Miller

For those that want to explore somatic therapy, are seeking someone who can help them through trauma, or want couple therapy, I highly recommend Elle.  Her knowledge and compassion, her ability to fluently speak between the practical and spiritual is vast. For more information on her work, please see her page.

I have been so blessed to know her as a friend and a mentor.

Freedom Flowers Essences

My husband and I have been customers of Freedom Flowers for years and we can endorse the effectiveness of the blend "Focus" which has been a miracle to my husband, who has adhd.  I have used "Good Grief" and a number of other essences over the years and can attest to their positive impact.

From their "about" page: "A small flower essence company that works directly with individuals, natural health practitioners, animal rescue organizations, and others who value emotional well-being. Freedom from hurt, trauma, depression, fears, limitations, negativity, stress and anger to name a few. Our essence making process involves a precedent set in the text of Genesis 1, using both created and creative light. The essences vibrate with the frequency of the flower as well as the frequency of Creator". 

There is so much more in their "about" section and the array of individual and bouquet essences they offer is extensive, there is something for everyone.  They offer samples to test and have a marvelous customer service team.

Essences, paired with spiritual care, work in tandem effectively and powerfully.