There's room for you

Published on 19 November 2022 at 10:55

My husband and I were watching a documentary the other night. The whole hour was about pizza. I could watch an entire season of pizza documentaries, and you know what comes of that – craving and then eating pizza. The series follows a chef and a food writer, so these are people who know their stuff, so when the chef mentioned that he liked Dominoes Pizza, I was taken aback. He took a trip to Dominoes and for a day became a delivery guy for the chain. At one point he was talking to the manager who told him there are 3,000,000 topping combinations. That number is staggeringly unbelievable. I am not a mathematician, scientist or engineer, and I’m not sure if that number is even possible, but, if that is the case, it made me consider how that translates to things in our lives that we feel we can’t do because “somebody already has that corner covered”. Take music for example. There are 12 notes in a chromatic scale, with 3 notes making a chord (this is where I stop trying to make a point and you can read someone who knows more than me). Then consider the countless types of music and styles, add to that rhythm and nuance. The Beatles, Tchaikovsky, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Over the Rhine, Beethoven, Big Band music – ETC – 12 notes sound limiting, but you know music – it’s expansive. Then there’s the alphabet. There are only 26 letters, but think about words and how we connect them – song lyrics and how we convey thought and feeling – through just 26 letters. That’s pretty amazing how we have the power to wield that sword through communicating. So why should we limit ourselves in what we do and are passionate about? There is no limit. Just because someone else does what you do, there is no one who can do exactly what you do because of the unique stamp you put on it. BE limitless. Be creative. Be passionate. Be about what you do and shine it out. Write, sing, paint, draw, create, dance, cook, love. Whatever it is you do, just do it and do it with gusto. The world needs your particular flavor. Speaking of flavor, what’s your favorite pizza?

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