Beauty begets beauty

Published on 19 November 2022 at 11:23

Beauty begets beauty, iron sharpens iron,

You get the idea.

I’ve spoken of this before. Is there anything new under the sun? I think so. Do we as human beings become inspired by other human beings? Yes. We are earth, we are bathed in creativity. We were held by our creator and as sons and daughters we look like our parents. Some brothers and sisters resemble other generations long past, but we are flesh and bone and whether we have similar or very different components – it’s all good. It’s all beautiful and it’s all on purpose.


I love beauty in all forms. Visual, textural, taste, colors in muted form and bright – it is all creativity. When I see someone who has similar points of view I cry KIN. When I am inspired by a flavor I have never tried before I ask for a taste. Maybe it changes my palette or perhaps I am good to go and glad I tried it, but either way it is a way to experience another’s perspective – and either way I am glad in the knowing.


As light hits in different ways – subtly diffusing, casting long shadows or creating colors from a prism, light creates beauty all on its own, and the areas it shines on are beautiful in their own unique way.

Is there an area you can see from another angle – experience a form of creative nuance that will either anchor where you are, or spur you to move into, even out of your comfort zone?


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